If you want to learn about legal issues related to forming and operating a limited liability company that has one or more members that is an IRA or a retirement plan, this is the place.  My name is Richard Keyt.  I am an Arizona limited liability company attorney who has formed 9,000+ Arizona LLCs, including many LLCs that have an IRA or retirement plan as a member.

Throughout this IRA LLC Law website, the term “IRA LLC” means a limited liability company formed under the laws of any state in the United States of which one or more members is a a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA, a 401(k), a profit sharing plan, a money purchase pension plan, a defined benefit pension plan or certain other ERISA retirement plans allowed to make self-directed investments.

I created this IRA LLC Law blog because:

  1. I want to inform and educate people who are considering making a self-directed investment through an LLC about the important legal issues that arise whenever they use IRA or retirement funds to buy assets or own and operate a business through a limited liability company.
  2. Nobody should make self-directed investments through an IRA LLC without first doing their homework and this IRA LLC Law website’s purpose is to help people do their homework.
  3. I want to correct a lot of of misinformation written on the internet about IRA LLCs, self-directed IRA investments and prohibited transactions.
  4. The consequences of not knowing and following the law can be economic disaster if the IRS disqualifies the IRA or retirement account because the result is the entire value of the IRA or disqualified account is included in the income of the IRA owner or retirement account participant in the year of the disqualification.

I invite you to bookmark this site and invest time reading the information presented here before you jump out of the frying pan of traditional investments and into the fire of nontraditional investments by making self-directed investment in an IRA LLC.