How to Invest Self Directed IRA Funds in a Limited Liability Company & Make Nontraditional Investments

Question 1:  Can I form a limited liability company in which my IRA is a member and use all or a portion of my IRA funds to make self directed investments through the LLC in various assets, including, but not limited to, real estate?

Answer:  Yes, but there are some types of assets that cannot be acquired.

Question 2:  Does it take a ton of money and a rocket scientist to form an LLC owned by an IRA (“IRA LLC”)?

Answer:  No:  I form Arizona IRA LLCs for .  I’m not a rocket scientist, but I am an Arizona LLC and business attorney who has a masters degree in income tax law from New York University School of Law.  I understand how to form IRA LLCs and have formed LLCs, including many IRA LLCs.  See our five star Google & Birdeye reviews.

Why I Form IRA LLCs

Because I have formed limited liability companies, people frequently contact me and ask if I can create an Arizona LLC owned by one or more IRAs.  The answer is yes.  For the purpose of this article, […]